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Attorney Peter Michael has captured the attention of thousands of people among different social media platforms, and for good reason! From Instagram to TikTok, Attorney Pete has continued to expand his influence on social media by providing his clients and followers with awesome free legal tips and tricks! 

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We handle personal injury cases on a contingency, meaning we only get paid if we win. Let us handle your case while you focus on life, assured that we’re fighting for your rights.

Leave your personal injury claim in the hands of our skilled team of experts. Whether it’s a car wreck, slip and fall, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, or any other injury claim, we have a proven track record of success.

With years of combined legal experience, our law firm specializes in tackling complex and challenging cases. As dedicated representatives of our communities, we take pride in providing powerful and effective representation to those in need.


Chelsea Frias - Google Review

The best in Hudson county! He helped me back in November of 2021 when I had a car accident and suffered a personal injury. Peter was quick to get me the help I needed, from doctors to paperwork with my insurance and explained in great detail how the settlement was going to work. He kept it real and got the job done right! I’m so grateful for him and how smoothly this process went. 10/10 recommend him as for any personal injury lawsuits!
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@attorneypete Did You Know that License Plate Covers that Block or Tint your License Plate are ILLEGAL!? 🪪⚫️ #law #lawyer #tint #car ♬ original sound - AttorneyPete

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